Home(less) Leave Part 2

For our next part of home leave, we traveled from Seattle to Washington D.C. for 2 days, and then to New Orleans for 4 days. Before we left my mom’s house we mailed a few boxes of stuff and left two suitcases with her, as we wanted to travel as light as possible for the rest of our trip. Lugging multiple bags around and baggage fees are no joke!!! Plus it was difficult to cram our two checked bags and carryon per person into an Uber.

During our short time in D.C., we met up with some old friends for dinner, upgraded my phone, and did some sightseeing and touristy stuff. The weather was glorious, so we were very happy to be outside and get our steps in. Also worth noting is we had the best crab cakes we ever tasted at Old Ebbitt Grill.

New Orleans was our next destination after D.C. We had been there 9.5 years ago prior to going on a cruise, but there was still so much more to see and eat. Our goal was to have as much good food as possible during home leave – and we definitely accomplished our goal!! There was so much walking during home leave that somehow, miraculously, we did not gain more than a pound or two during that month. In New Orleans, we had beignets, gumbo (3 times), fried chicken and biscuits, fried catfish, and of course shrimp creole.

Our first night we went to Bourbon Street to have some Sazerac and listen to some jazz music. Day 2 we went on a riverboat cruise, Day 3 we went to the World War 2 Museum, and Day 4 we went to the Oak Alley Plantation. All of these activities I highly recommend- and the weather was perfect the entire time. The final day we left early to finish off our home leave with my husband’s family on the east coast.

Our break in between visiting family was exactly what we needed. Although home leave is supposed to be about reconnecting with friends and family, sometimes the best solution is to break it up if possible and have some time exploring more of the U.S.

Biggest and best oysters I ever had
Somewhere on Bourbon Street
Oak Alley Plantation

Author: trailingspousechronicles

I am a trailing spouse living abroad with my husband.

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