New Tastebuds??

One thing I have noticed at the restaurants here is the beautiful presentation of food. For example, we went to an outstanding seafood restaurant, and my husband’s food was displayed in shells:

Another example of beautiful presentation is sushi from an incredible restaurant we discovered this weekend:

I don’t know if it is the presentation, but since moving here I have found myself trying new things because they were presented so beautifully.

For example, we dined at a Ukrainian restaurant and decided to try borscht for the first time. Here it is in a lovely bowl:

The borscht was savory and delicious and nothing like what I had previously imagined a beet stew to taste like.

At that same restaurant I also had a chicken cesar salad, which was served with a hard boiled egg on top. The dressing to me was not cesar (it was more of a vinaigrette), and I never had a hard boiled egg on a cesar salad before, but now I love it!

We recently dined at an Italian restaurant and I tried a raw egg on spaghetti carbonara. I would never have had a raw egg on anything before moving to Kyiv, so this was a change for me. Must have been the ambiance..

I have also tried a dish called Adjarian Khachapuri at at Georgian restaurant. Khachapuri is kind of like pizza but without the tomato sauce. Adjarian Khachapuri is simply Khachapuri but with a raw egg on top. It is mixed tableside into the cheese. Here is a picture of what Adjarian Khachapuri looks like for reference:

The result was creamy cheesy deliciousness!!

Since moving here I have also tried a salad with raw salmon (I would never have tried it before moving here). Surprisingly I liked it!! Another salmon dish I have tried since moving here is salmon benedict:

Here’s to just the beginning of trying new things!!!

Author: trailingspousechronicles

I am a trailing spouse living abroad with my husband.

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