Flag Day

It’s taken a few days for it to sink in, because it doesn’t really feel “real” yet, so here’s how my trip to DC went and how we found out where we are going in May:

I flew into D.C. on Saturday morning. My hubby met me at the airport and it was sooo good seeing him after being apart for two weeks. We had brunch, ran some errands, and relaxed a little at his apartment until mid-afternoon when we left for an informal friends and family gathering of some of his A100 classmates. All in all, it was a fun afternoon sharing in the same nervousness and excitement of some of the other spouses, and getting to know his warm and welcoming classmates. Afterwards my hubby and I went to see the Zoo Lights at the Smithsonian Zoo.

Sunday and Monday went by in a blur- we watched some football on Sunday, and Monday my husband’s mom, dad, brother, and brother’s fiancée came to town so we all went to dinner together.

Tuesday I purposely tried to stay as busy as possible to keep my mind off of Flag Day. I worked out, ran errands, and got my hair done. My in-laws came to pick me up to go to the ceremony. We got there super early, which gave me enough time to let the nerves get the best of me. Finally, the ceremony started.

Speeches were short and sweet because everyone wanted to know where they were going already! There was one country we were pretty sure we were going to get, and quite honestly I was shocked when my husband’s name was not called. Finally, around a third of the way through, my husband’s name was called- folks, we are going to Kyiv, Ukraine!!

After the ceremony there was a little reception, and then we went to a Russian restaurant with Ukrainian food- in fact, our server was from Kyiv! Needless to say, I am so happy and relieved that we are going to Kyiv!! It was high on our bid list. The city has good public transportation, I get a break from hot and humid weather (yesssss!!), and there are plenty of wonderful travel opportunities only a short flight away.

Now that I know where we are going, I have been busy getting cold weather clothing and beginning to take online lessons in Ukrainian. I am determined to know as much of the language as possible by the time we move there!

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